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Keeping Kosher on Food Stamps

February 27, 2018

​It’s Thursday morning in Borough Park, Brooklyn, and Rachel, a 37 year-old Hasidic mother of nine, is preparing for Shabbat. Amid the sounds of chopping and her toddler daughter’s coughs, she explains that she’s been on food stamps for over a decade.

Can Kosher Pizza Be Good?

November 30, 2017

“When I was growing up, the definition of a Jewish neighborhood was a neighborhood that had a kosher bakery, a kosher butcher,” said Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Chief Operating Officer at Orthodox Union Kosher. “Now, the definition of a Jewish neighborhood is that they have a kosher pizza shop.”

A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Pastor Walk Into a Museum…

November 14, 2017

New York City is known for its unexpected encounters, from subway meet-cutes to celebrity spottings. In an ongoing speaker series for the Museum of the City of New York, journalist Sarah Maslin Nir hopes to recreate these “only-in-New-York” moments and the conversations that arise from them

Photographing Eastern Europe’s Fading Jewish Architecture

November 07, 2017

Photographer David Kaufman looks at the world through a historical lens. Quite literally, in fact, as he shoots with bellows, the folding attachment used on cameras since the Civil War.

Can Robots Be Jewish?

November 06, 2017

Sophia, Saudi Arabia’s newest citizen, falls short of the requirements on several fronts: she doesn’t speak Arabic, nor does she give any indication of practicing Islam. But her most glaring violation falls under Article 10, “the term of having normal body and intellect.”

As Neo-Nazis Threaten Chaos in Florida, Jewish Students Stay Strong

October 19, 2017

In advance of Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida, neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer advised its followers to target the Lubavitch Chabad Center on campus. Calling Spencer “our hero,” the site’s founder Andrew Anglin included a screenshot of the Chabad center’s location on Google Maps.

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